Mid-Winter Revels

Stroud Wassail continues into the evening with some medieval merry-making

updated-alison-imageSaturday 13th Jan  7pm  Stroud Subscription Rooms

Echoing 12th Night revels of the C15th Guilds and Inns of Court, the evening will be presided over by The Chancellor and the Lord of Misrule.  They will oversee the election of King Bean and Queen Pea. There will be traditional festivities – the Wassail Bowl, The Boars Head Carol, games, mummers plays, morris dancers, and ceilidh dancing for all. A kind of medieval cabaret party.

  • Ceilidh dancing
  • Boar’s Head Carol
  • Mumming
  • Morris
  • Wassailing
  • King Bean & Queen Pea
  • Music, dance and song

In the spirit of the medieval revels, you are encouraged to come in costume, disguise and masks  (prizes for best costume/disguise and mask).  If you have a suitable party piece – please bring it.

Real Ale bar – featuring Stroud Breweries special brew: Wass-Ale

Stroud Subscription Rooms

  • Tickets £12
  • Advance £10
  • Wassailers ticket £8   (For participating morris, mummers, wassailers, etc).

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