In 2019 we had a children’s Wassail Stick workshop at the Museum in the Park, inspired by the wonderful Rodborough Toddlers, and a Wassail song workshop led by Matt Norman.

Matt is back for 2020, with another Wassail song workshop in the Subscription Rooms on 11 January, 10.15 until 12.15, and then a public performance on the Sub Rooms forecourt as part of the Wassail ceremony. Last January it was simply phenomenal. Just turn up on the day, pay £5…. and then do something amazing!

And at 11.15 until 12.00, in the Subscription Rooms ballroom, Aparna Dighe will be giving a Bangra/Bollywood dance workshop. Aparna will be doing a public performance at St Laurence church at 10.30, so go along, check it out, and if you want to give it a go (and who wouldn’t?), just head off to the Subs, pay £5 (no booking needed) and open up a whole new world of dance.