Marvellous Mugs!

Here’s a sneak preview of the two designs we’ll be using for the 2020 Wassail souvenir mugs. The artwork is by the amazingly talented Stroud artist Alison Merry of Merry Illuminations. The mugs are still in production at the moment, but we’ll be letting you know how you can get hold of them nearer the time.



Wintersong Is Back!

If you enjoyed Matt Norman’s Wassail song workshop in the Subs last year, well, we’re doing it again on 11 January! Here’s your chance to learn a few seasonal songs with a lovely friendly teacher, and then perform them as part of the big Wassail outside the Subs. No booking necessary, just £5 on the door. You won’t regret it.

Oh Wow! Look What We’ve Got!

Outside Capering Crew

Yes, the incredible Outside Capering Crew will be delighting the good people of Stroud on 11 January. They have a horse with copper knickers (or maybe he’s called Capernicus, not sure), who can morph into a cowpat (or maybe that’s a cow called Pat, who knows) with just the aid of some prosthetic udders, while doing some pretty spectacular broomstick dancing. Oh yes, and the humans in the Crew are pretty good at Cotswold Morris as well.

And Now For Something Completely Different….

We’re ringing the changes for 2020 with some different performers. All our morris dancing chums will be with us, but  we’ve got some fantastic new acts. The Stroud Red Band will be leading the procession and playing some fantastic music later at the Museum (trust me, they are so good!!!). Aparna Dighe from Gloucester will be performing and teaching Indian classical dance. And Transition Stroud’s Free Range Mummers will be giving us their own take on a traditional story. Wow!!!

The Red Band
Aparna Dighe
The Free Range Mummers (Photo: Gary Lea)

Other plans are afoot – visitors from another country? A new local samba band? Not saying nuffink – just watch this space!

And When You’re Not Watching The Street Performers….

…. We’ve got a brilliant music session in the George Room in the afternoon on Wassail Day, 11 January, with loads of local talent – Angela’s Sunset; James Slater; Peeky Blinders; The Bob Porter Project; Terry Custance; and Woody & Rachel have all signed up so far. Oh yes, and don’t forget the real ale and cider bar!

Angela’s Sunset
James Slater
Peeky Blinders
Bob Porter
Terry Custance


Your Wassail Needs You!


Stroud Wassail 2020 is recruiting – we need an assortment of mummers, musicians, elves, basically anyone who is willing to roll their sleeves up, get stuck in, have a laugh and benefit our wonderful town and its wonderful people. We need the following:

  • Actors and singers for the Stroud Wassail Mummers Play – no experience necessary, just a willingness to commit for a few weeks over the winter, laugh a lot and make a total idiot of yourself in public

  • Beast carriers – the Wassail has a collection of strange mystical creatures including giant sheep, minotaurs, monkeys, horses and other critters that defy description. We need people to manage these during the daytime procession and/or at the evening Revels
  • Marshals for the Procession on Saturday 11th – you get to wear a cool high vis vest and order morris dancers around (what’s not to like?!)
  • Bucket rattlers – Stroud Wassail is funded by the generous Stroudie public, so we need people to help collect funds on the day and count up the pennies afterwards
  • Elves to sell raffle tickets, distribute cake and keep order at the evening Revels – elf kit is available
  • People who are just prepared to muck in and help out as necessary on Wassail day and the weeks leading up to it

The Wassail has grown incredibly over the years, and we really need help to keep it going. If you want to get involved, contact us

Stroud Wassail Saturday 11th January 2020

An Overview of the Day in Pictures

The Stroud Wassail Mummers led the procession. (Photo: Vintage Mary)

Stroud Wassail 2019 was a wonderful day, with the streets of our town filled with music, dance, laughter and colour. So many smiling faces all round town. Here are a few memories of the day. Thanks to the photographers who let us use their work.

Some Footage from the Day

As always, the fantastic Stroud Community TV has come up with a some wonderful coverage of the day. Thank you to Kate Rendell and Angela Rendell for their superb work.

Why We Do What We Do

Following the 2018 Wassail, with  what we raised from the Wassail Mummers tour, the street collection on the day, and various donations from the generous and compassionate people of Stroud, we were able to give £500 each to OPENhouse and Stroud District Foodbank. Here we are presenting the symbolic “big fat cheque” outside the Subscription Rooms at the 2019 Wassail. Waes hael! Photo gallery from the day to follow.